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The most satisfying award from any project is a Client's appreciation and acknowledgment for a successfully completed project.

However, once in a while appreciation awards come from groups and institutions ... and that is gratifying too...

Rightfully, accolades should actually go to the Client, at the culmination of successful projects, which can only evolve from the trust and confidence placed in their selected project Team and professionals ... most often than not, in unpredictable scenarios.

Following are a few of the project awards received over the years.

Award Title - Architectural Association of Kenya - 1st National Prize for Architecture


The project was a 5-Bedroom detached single family home built on a sliver of land overlooking a promontory that was the entry to the old port of Mombasa

Award - 3rd prize - Category_A - Residential Buildings

Award Title - Architectural Association of Kenya - 1st National Prize for Architecture


The project grew from an existing 3 classroom Kindergarten to a pre University International school.

The prize was awarded for projects that made exemplary use of the donors concrete materials products. 

Award - Honorary Mention - Category_S - Simbarite Prize

Award Title - The Architectural Association of Kenya Millennium Award for Excellence in Architecture


The project constituted 3 semi detached single family dwellings on a 3.5 acre plot with a shared swimming pool and a 3 hole golf course all overlooking the Indian Ocean

Award - Honorable Mention

Award Title - The Architectural Association of Kenya Millennium Award for Excellence in Architecture


The project encompassed 9 detached and 4 semi detached single family dwellings with attached swimming pools, on a 1.5 acre headland overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Award - Honorable Mention

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