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Foundations, we believe, based on knowledge base and past experiences, form an intrinsic prerequisite for the guage that will assure positive results on any construction project.

This therefore, is our story ... which provides a window to some of the completed projects that formed a stepping stone to encompass the Company we are today.

True "Testimonials", we believe, come primarily from successful projects supported by Owner documented accounts best sourced separately... and could provide should these be of interest to you.

The following Photo Album is an overview of some completed projects.





Remodel Projects - Residential Developments

Completed several residential developments ranging from 1,500SF to 60,000SF.

The photograph is an example of a home remodel from an existing cottage to a maisonette complete with swimming pool and landscaping

Owner: Dr. & Mrs. C.B. Patel

Contact details available on request.

New Build - Custom Residential Developments 

Completed several residential design-build projects ranging from 1,500SF to 60,000SF

The photograph denotes one of the many projects completed.

Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Manhar Shah

Contact details available on request.

New Build_Commercial - Mixed Development

Completed several commercial developments ranging from 30,000SF to 400,000SF.

The photograph is the TSS Tower in Mombasa, Kenya, a mixed use development encompassing 4 levels of shopping and 12 levels of office space.

Added achievements on this project was being able to manage a Chinese parastatal construction company as the GC and finally completing 8% under budget and on schedule.

Owner: TSS Group of Companies

Contact details available on request.

Hotels & Recreational projects

Completed several recreational centers and hotel developments encompassing both remodels and new build projects.

This photograph is the entrance to the Sun N' Sand Beach Resort, which was a Design-Build project completed in 7 months from inception to completion.

Owner: Sun N' Sand Beach Resort Ltd.

Contact details available on request.

Educational Institution projects

Completed both "New Build" and Existing "Remodel" Educational institutions

The photo is the Visa Oshwal Academy - a co-ed, kindergarten to pre-university school development completed in 2004.

Owner: The Oshwal Community

Contact details available on request.

Health Projects

This project is a Maternity - Prenatal and Antenatel hospital in Mkomani, Kenya, built with financial aid from JICA and Hopkins University - USA. 

Owner: The Mkomani Clinic Society

Contact details available on request.


Completed several interior design projects encompassing remodel of existing spaces and new builds in the residential and commercial sectors.

This photograph is an interior view of the house at Kikambala, Kenya.

Owner: Kivulini Trust

Contact details available on request.

Industrial warehouse developments

Completed several industrial warehouse construction and maintenance projects.

Owner: Steel Tubes Ltd.

Contact details available on request.

This album contains architectural drawings for the projects in the photo album above.       Note the progression from T-square/set square drawings to ArchiCAD drawings.




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PSG Martins B.Arch.(Hons.)I GSC I LEED AP (BD+C) MANAGING PRINCIPAL                                                     

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Completed Project:                          PSGmartins_architect, home and studio in Mombasa, Kenya.

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