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Our Process


The case for selecting us and Our Process ...

To assist you understand the merits of appointing kALgEN Investments Inc., as your preferred Project Manager, consider your proposed project as follows:

Your logical startup solution would be to hire a Company (GC, Subtrade or Specialist Supplier) that seems suitably qualified to handle your project.

That Company would likely assign a Project Manager (PM) to address your specific needs, someone within that Company who is tasked with relating directly to you while managing the several activities the project demands.

This PM may appear to be on your side, but the truth is that their Employer is the Company they work fornot you, and it is in their best interest to ensure the project budget is stretched to the maximum you can afford, or conceive to be logically feasible.

Needless to add that, as "helpful" as that PM is, most often, their Company does not self perform all the tasks the project demands, and their helpful, cost efficient role stops the moment you require any service beyond the scope of what their Company can self perform.

This therefore necessitates outsourcing specialty Subtrades and Suppliers, which therefore brings additional markup "management" costs which add to their profit percentages and the final project cost.

Most often, a project that started out simple enough, becomes suddenly complicated and expensive.

In that respect, we believe we are different, since, we pride ourselves to ensure our services are governed by the following 3 simple rules ...

Rule #1:   We work for YOU, not the contracted specialist providers.

When you retain us as your Project Manager, you’re hiring a Team whose only interest is in getting things done efficiently, on time, and within your budget.

Our job is to plan the project in advance, resource a selection of competent people (or companies) to provide project related tasks at competitive prices, communicate with them throughout the project, and ensure schedule milestones, deadlines and budgets are met.

You aren’t hiring US to do the work, you’re hiring us to make sure the work gets done at the best possible price.

Rule #2:   We focus on your intrinsic project needs and work to mitigate your project “pains”.

To ensure we are never even remotely tempted to sell you any services you don’t absolutely need, we focus 100% of our attention on managing the Project, and all performance talent we find for you, are completely independent of us.

These specialists charge you directly for their services, and there are no markups or "attendance" fees. Period.

Rule #3:   We manage the project parameters. You provide the necessary stage approvals.

Project planning is the most critical part of what we do for you.

From the moment you retain us as your Project Management Team, we start creating your Project Plan.

In some cases, this means we create the outline. In others, we create the architectural component. In still others, we define the project specifications.

It all depends on what the project needs are, so that we can explain, to any appointed contractor, you choose to work with, the exact component of their scope of work for the project.

Ultimately, it is your project, so you get to give the final stamp of approval before we assign any task to anyone.

After the planning stage, we search for as many talented people as the project demands.

For example, if there is a mechanical component, we’ll find at least three competent professional Subtrades or freelancers to provide project specific quotations.

You will then nominate the people you want to work with and we will manage the contractual details.

 "We, at kALgEN Investments Inc. strive to achieve Perfect Project Delivery (PPD) and to become your preferred total project solution resource on all your projects."   

PSG Martins B.Arch.(Hons.)I GSC I LEED AP (BD+C) MANAGING PRINCIPAL                                                     

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Completed Project:                                    Remodel of the Sun N' Sands Beach Resort at Kikambala, Kenya.

... no matter the size of your project ... working with you to manage your construction needs ...

Our Project Management style

Embarking on any capital development project exposes a developer to both risks and opportunities.

We believe, that, effective Project Management is the process of managing those risks and maximizing those opportunities with a view to achieve the best total project costs for the start to finish delivery of the project, so as to warrant project management consultancy services.

... we aspire to be a leading resource as a one stop total solution to manage ALL your construction needs...

Our Project Leadership style

Project Success is synonymous with vision and passion as attributes of Good Leadership. It is founded on the prerequisite of building positive relationships with project Owners, Stakeholders, Professionals and Construction Teams.

We challenge ourselves to be:

k - knowledge oriented, to proactively and innovatively address a project's specific needs, risks and opportunities  

A - Absolute, through communicating clearly and concisely with all members of the Project Development Team 

L - Lead by example with Confidence and Passion

g - generate Goodwill and client confidence through Perfect Project Delivery aspirations and thereby build close relationships into the future

E - Exceed expectations by +1

N - Never, but never, say "Impossible"

Our Project Leadership style is committed, focused, result orientated and non-adversarial, with the underlying goal of delivering optimum returns from your real property investment. We take pleasure in appreciating the individualities of our Project Owners, Stakeholders, Project Professionals and Construction Team members and enjoy leading disparate interests to the achievement of a common goal.